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Mickey Jupp - Up Snakes, Down Ladders

1. I’d Love To Boogie
2. Up Snakes, Down Ladders

3. Why Don’t You Don’t
4. Like You Don’t Love Him

5. Man In The Mirror
6. Loving The Wrong Girl
7. Learning To Swim
8. The Nature Of The Beast

9. Get Hot

10. Bad News Can Travel Slow
11. Lonely Boy
12. I Beg Your Pardon (You Heard)
13. I Threw Myself At You (And Missed)

14. The Blues Ain’t What They Used To Be

15. The Ballad Of Tutford Darnell
16. Pilot

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Mickey Jupp is a critically acclaimed British singer-songwriter, widely credited as a major influence on the Pub Rock scene that then led to the Punk movement.

With a recording career starting in the 1960's, Mickey's razor sharp lyrics and amazing vocals had him likened to Chuck Berry, with many of his songs recorded by artists as diverse as Dr Feelgood, Ricky Nelson, The Judds, Nick Lowe, Elkie Brooks and a young Paul Weller.

Mickey moved to a remote village in the Lake District over 30 years ago and, in his small cottage, purely to satisfy his burning need to create, has written and recorded well over 300 songs that have yet to be heard by the general public.

Up Snakes, Down Ladders is the first of a series of albums in which these home recordings have been expertly mastered and will be released on CD and digital services for the first time.


“Mickey Jupp is the best white singer I’ve ever heard.” Wilko Johnson

“A star who, for some reason known only to God and the fates, has been passed over while lesser men achieve fame” NME